Frank Ormsby

Cover design for Wake Forest University Press
by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Softcover with flyleaves: $15.95 | 192 pages | 5.43" by 8.5"
ISBN 978-1-930630-74-1 | Spring 2015

Available through Wake Forest University Press

Frank Ormsby’s keen eye is trained on numerous subjects: the unheralded country people in Northern Ireland, American soldiers stationed there during World War II, and the rich natural world of Westchester County north of Manhattan. These sympathetic poems are not untroubled observations, however. As Michael Longley notes in his introduction: “From early on something desolate and unsettling shades this poet’s vision, counteracting his warmer compulsions.”

The Troubles of Northern Irish history hover in the margins of many poems, but are not central to the stories the poems have to tell  — how life continues in its daily forms no matter what type of fate descends. There are poems of death and birth, love and heartbreak, but the voice behind the poems unites them in the simplicity of his telling. Ormsby’s words are seldom flashy, but glow steadily with both transparency and assuredness.

“Frank Ormsby belongs to that extraordinary generation of Northern Irish poets which includes Ciaran Carson, Medbh McGuckian, Paul Muldoon and Tom Paulin. He is a poet of the truest measure.”

Michael Longley, from the Introduction