Selections from the Permanent Collection

Richard Waterhouse

Designed and published for
the Cahoon Museum of American Art
by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Softcover | 32 pages | 10" x 8.5"
ISBN 978-0-9898125-4-2 | Summer 2014

A gem of a museum on the shores of Cape Cod, the Cahoon Museum of American Art houses one of New England’s preeminent permanent collections with over three hundred and seventy-five works of American art. This catalogue presents a choice selection and includes a full listing of the collection.

Named after the renowned artists Martha and Ralph Cahoon, the Cahoon Museum of American Art adapted and preserved the artists’ colonial era house — in which they lived and worked for many years and whose long history is significant to the village of Cotuit and Cape Cod — for use as a museum, creating a destination for travelers and art admirers from across New England and beyond.

The mission of the Cahoon Museum of American Art is to promote love and enjoyment of the visual arts through exhibits, educational programs, and the continuing development of its permanent collection, which features the works of artists such as John Joseph Enneking, Erastus Salisbury Field, Thomas Hewes Hinckley, and Margaret Jordan Patterson. The museum celebrates the legacy of Cape Cod folk artists Ralph and Martha Cahoon, displaying their art and preserving the historic building that was their home and studio, and embraces the full vitality of American art with emphasis on past and present artists of Cape Cod and the Northeast.

Available through the Cahoon Museum of American Art.