Lines of Wisdom from a Faithful Stream

Bob Timberlake & Mark Erwin

Designed and published for Bob Timberlake, Inc. and
The Avenir Foundation by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Cloth: $34.95 | 112 pages | 7.25" by 10" | ISBN 978-0-9793631-6-0 | November 2012

Collectors of aphorisms, tales, and inspirational quotations for many years, renowned artist Bob Timberlake and Ambassador Mark Erwin became fast friends during a dinner party, where happenstance sat them together. Swapping stories and laughs, they discovered a mutual devotion to God, family, friends, and country, and a passion for the sportsman’s life of hunting and fishing, conservation, and dogs. They took up their conversation again after dinner and it continues to this day with Life’s Lessons, a compilation of their favorite lines of wisdom from sources as diverse as Grandma Moses and Billy Graham, George Carlin and a Bermudian taxi driver. Over sixty Timberlake paintings accompany the quotations, many by the authors themselves, with the hope that Life’s Lessons will inspire readers to enjoy life and be happy, so they in turn can make others happy.

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