John Montague

Designed and composed for Wake Forest University Press
by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Softcover with flaps, flyleaves: $12.95 | 64 pages | 5.75" by 10"
ISBN 978-1-930630-59-8 | 2012

John Montague has never forgotten the mysteries of language or the lessons we encounter in the life-long endeavor of learning how to speak. Sometimes that speech is a remembering of childhood innocence or disappointment; sometimes it is the division from the self, the whisperings of a cloven tongue, the pangs of self-consciousness. In Speech Lessons, the poet masterfully crafts his thoughts on religion, art, and culture, as well as family, provincial, and national history. Here we see a poet who is equally at home in France as he is in Ireland. Like Joyce, Montague is at his strongest when interweaving his separate worlds into a poetic tapestry of love and desire.

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