North Carolina Potters Speak

Interviews by Michelle Francis & Charles “Terry” Zug III
Photographs by Rob Amberg
Edited by Denny Hubbard Mecham

Designed and published for the North Carolina Pottery Center
by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Awarded "Best Documentary Publication" at the 2010
North Carolina Museums Council Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC

Cloth | 192 pages | 8.25" by 10" | ISBN 978-0-9793631-2-2 | 2009

Twenty interviews with some of North Carolina’s most distinguished potters intimately reveal the “aspirations and attitudes” of clay-working in a contemporary, diverse tradition. From the “fast nickel” or the “slow dime” and the practicalities of pricing and selling, to technical discussions of kiln building, clay processing, throwing, glazing, and firing, to the spirituality of the creative process and the medium of clay as a “reflection of life,” potters from across the state vivify the struggle and reward of their lives and work to interviewers Michelle Francis and Charles “Terry” Zug III.

Luminous photographs by Rob Amberg complement the artists’ own words – revelatory of character and ripe with anecdote – in this culmination of a documentary project by the North Carolina Pottery Center to promote and protect North Carolina’s unique pottery-making history.

Available through the North Carolina Pottery Center.