Lincoln County North Carolina

Designed and published for
the Lincoln Economic Development Association
by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Summer 2014

As much a way of life as a place, Lincoln County, North Carolina, in the state’s beautiful western Piedmont, embraces itself as a friendly, industrious, and playful community where neighbor cares for neighbor, an economic renaissance is underway, and where fun calls your name — to a Friday night football game, a theater or museum, a wild ride on Lake Norman, or an Alive After Five musical performance on Courthouse Square in charming downtown Lincolnton.

Formed in 1779 during the American Revolution and named after the patriot general Benjamin Lincoln, Lincoln County established itself early as a manufacturing center, with an emphasis on iron. It founded the South’s first textile mill. Both industry and agriculture thrived, leading to some of the nation’s finest architecture and to the county’s distinguished service in national political, military, and business affairs.

The county’s successful past has fostered its propitious future and fortunate present. In Welcome Home, the Lincoln Economic Development Association invites you on a pictorial tour of  Lincoln County and Lincolnton, where “to live . . . is to enjoy life and all of its offerings and to cherish this enjoyment through the care given to those in our community, through the preservation of traditions continued year after year, through the remembrance of history, in place and deed, and how it has shaped the future — and through not taking the little things for granted.”

Visit the Lincoln Economic Development Association.